Winter Clean-Up: Garage Organization tips from G Brothers Garage Doors

After the buzz and blur of Christmas morning, many families are left with extra things that, later in the year, lead to extra clutter as well. Start off the new year right by ending the holiday break with a cleaning day — for your garage, that is. We put together a list of our best organization tips so your garage can handle the year ahead, whether it’s used for storage, entertainment, or as a project haven.

First, take inventory of your space in order to swap out the winter gear for summertime use. If you’ve been hiding your river tubes, mountain bikes, and camping gear on the highest shelves or in the depths of your garage cabinetry, it’s time to pull them back to the forefront as the days get longer. Make space for tools for the garden or water toys for when the sun comes out, and begin creating storage solutions for your bulkier winter gear. Whether it’s hanging up pegboard and hooks for skis and snowboards or creating space for winter clothing and boots to live during the summer months, this transformation will not only make you feel better about your space, but also make it more usable when it comes time to opt outside this summer.

Once your garage is organized to your liking, make sure it’s clean. Sure, we understand this part of your home may become dustier than others, but keeping the space free of debris from the outside will have an affect on your entire home. If your garage is clean, there’s a smaller chance of potential pests as temperatures heat up. Plus, you can banish any that have made their home in your garage space during the coldest nights of the year. Sweeping up dust and possibly sealing the garage floor can be great projects to start off the new year on the right foot when it comes to organization and even increasing your home’s value. If you can find a way to maximize your space in every corner of your home, potential buyers or appraisal experts will undoubtedly see that value. Wiping down shelving in cabinets or any garage refrigerators will also freshen up the space and help maintain the quality of your possessions.

Last, switch out the larger items in your garage by prioritizing what can be stored off the ground. In the winter, it’s worth hanging up things like bikes and paddle boards, and this may be the best option through the springtime as well. But, when summer does come, keeping recreational items and storage bins off the garage floor helps the materials they’re made of avoid vast temperature changes, helping them to last longer. Plus, it gives things like your vehicle more clearance space in the garage as well.

Start 2018 on a high note and make reorganizing the garage a top to-do list item as you ring in the new year.

If you’re interested in upgrading your garage door via custom installation or scheduling a maintenance appointment, be sure to call G Brothers Garage Doors today.

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