Warranties Mean Trust at G Brothers Garage Doors

G Brothers Garage Doors offers the highest quality garage door services to our Denver clients and works to serve our clients with the very best products and warranties that are built to last. It’s our mission to not only perform the best and most reliable work up front, but also back it up with years of warranty coverage and a relationship that will last throughout your garage door’s lifetime. The process begins with installation, and then comes years of regular maintenance, the occasional change and tune-up, and eventually, a replacement. G Brothers will be there through it all, with our years of expertise and service-first attitude to keep your family comfortable, safe, and within budget.

At G Brothers Garage Door, we offer quality warranties to our Lakewood customers in order to put our money where our mouths are. The quality of a G Brothers service is top-notch, but any extra care your garage door may need in the years following an installation are also accounted for. We believe in our services enough to guarantee warranty coverage and a homeowner’s peace of mind.

There are reasons to offer or avoid warranties as a company, but we believe in the added service and quality of offerings for our price point at G Brothers. We believe offering quality warranty coverage is an exhibition of our belief in our values and our ability to serve you. Plus, for the homeowner, there’s an added benefit or bundled service, a point of contact in case of emergency or malfunction, and legal implication on our end. At G Brothers, honesty is our only policy. Here’s a closer look at the things our warranties guarantee for Lakewood residents:


At G Brothers, we believe in maintaining a dependable performance record and reputation to match. We believe insuring our services with a warranty guarantee shows our confidence in performing all your garage door repair, installation, consultation, and maintenance services over the years. Our technicians are not only expertly trained, but also maintain certification that requires our team to keep an eye on industry changes and innovations to bring you the best possible products and services money can buy.

Stretching Your Dollar

At the end of the day, a warranty package means that we’re bundling our original services with any special attention or maintenance that may be required in the years immediately following that original services. Of course, G Brothers technicians confidently get the job done right the first time, but we understand that things happen and plans change. With a quality warranty, we’re signaling to our Lakewood customers that we’re with them, both during and after a garage door repair or installation. Plus, a warranty saves you money in the long run by keeping us accountable in both performance and value, as well as increasing the initial investment to avoid excess dollars spent after the service is done. Homeowners can rest assured that we’re accountable for our products and services and that they’re protected in the event of a malfunction or extra maintenance and repairs down the road. As a local business, we take pride in the community we serve, and want to give back quality performance you can rely on. We put you first at G Brothers Garage Door.


To make a long story short, any company that does not offer warranty is not legally upholding the services it offers. Now, this does not necessarily mean those services or products will lack quality, but in the event of a legal case, the company is often the one with all the power. In an effort for transparency, honesty, and a long-standing working relationship with our Lakewood community, G Brothers Garage Doors does not shy away from warranty coverage, nor do we leave our customers hanging. All our products and services are insured, and we hope your experience with G Brothers will always leave you feeling like you’ve won.

At G Brothers, our staff is experienced and well-versed in our industry’s intricacies and technological changes. We’re committed to offering the very best services in Lakewood and the surrounding Denver Metro area. Don’t hesitate to contact our staff with any service questions. Schedule an appointment today!

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