The Different Types Of Garage Doors
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The Different Types Of Garage Doors

If you’ve had a home, townhome, or condo, the chances that you’ve had a garage are pretty high. Even if you’ve never had one yourself, a garage is something you can recognize quite easily. The structures are pretty standard in today’s world and are iconic symbols of suburban living. Residential garages also make great storage facilities, party dens, and store fronts during garage sales. But have you ever wondered what those garage doors are made from? G Brothers Garage Doors, the top-rated garage repair, replacement, and installation experts in Lakewood, have taken the guesswork of garage door materials away with this blog. In this article, we’ll tell you about all the different kinds of garage doors and show you which ones may be best for your home’s style.

Steel Garage Doors

One of the more popular garage door materials on our list, steel garage doors offer a multitude of advantages. Typically made from two or more layers of galvanized metal, steel adorns many homes in the form of a garage door. One of the most durable materials, steel provides peace of mind for those that have kids or are prone to garage door accidents. Though problems with older steel may still exist, modern steel is quite rust-proof. With proper maintenance and some love, your steel garage doors will last a long time. Steel door are also very versatile as you can get them in just about any style or color. Compared to other materials we’ll go over, steel is one of the more affordable options on this list.

There are downsides to steel, however. Though they stand up well to heavy forces, steel doors are known to dent. They are also subject to corrosion when not properly maintained and when they’re in coastal areas. But other than these reasons, steel doors are always a viable option when you’re looking for a new garage door.

Wood Garage Doors

You’ll notice one of the biggest advantages of wooden garage doors quite easily. Wood doors are amazingly beautiful, especially if you go for the more luxurious woods like mahogany, redwood, or high-end cedar. You can also stain and design the wood however you wish to create a truly custom garage door for your home. Unlike metal garage doors, wooden doors won’t dent when hit with hockey pucks, soccer balls, or the occasional love tap from the end of your car. When maintained and treated properly, wooden garage doors will always look amazing and usually won’t warp due to climate and weathering.

There are some major disadvantages to owning a wood garage door though. For instance, in order for them to last a long time you’ll have to stay on top of their regular maintenance, especially those in more humid or stormy climates. If you don’t maintain your wood garage door then water damage can occur, causing warping or even rot. Wood doors are also quite expensive compared to the other materials on this list. Insulation is also another problem with wooden garage doors. Though cheaper options usually contain insulation wrapped in a lightweight, wood frame covered in plywood, the more expensive varieties are typically just a couple inches of solid wood. These don’t provide much in terms of insulation, though customizations can be made.

Vinyl Garage Doors

One of the best all-around options on this list are vinyl garage doors. They are very affordable, especially compared to their wooden and steel counterparts. Vinyl doors are nearly kid proof, meaning they can’t be scratched or dented unless you really try to do so. They are highly energy efficient as most vinyl doors come with a layer of insulation, helping keep the right temperature in your home. They are incredibly low maintenance compared to the other options so far, only requiring a good cleaning every now and then. You can also customize your vinyl garage with many different design options available.

Though there aren’t many disadvantages to vinyl garage doors, there are a few that need to be noted. Even though they are resistant to small damages, vinyl doors don’t hold up to the same forces that steel garage doors can. So they’ll stand up to the everyday bumps and bruises, but they won’t quite cut it when faced with heavier damage. Though they can be customized, they are somewhat limited in their color options.

Other Garage Door Options

  • Wood Composite Garage Doors
  • Aluminum Garage Doors
  • Fiberglass Garage Doors
  • Glass Garage Doors

Everyone here at G Brothers Garage Doors hopes you’ve found this blog to be helpful. If you’re looking for a new garage door in Lakewood or the surrounding areas, we’re the perfect garage door company for you. From electric garage doors, to manual garage doors, and everything in between, we’ll be able to fix, replace, or install any kind of garage door. Learn more about G Brothers Garage Doors, see what kind of garage door services we can provide, or contact G Brothers today to get a free quote for your next project.

Maintenance Tips For Your Garage
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Maintenance Tips For Your Garage

We use our garages every day. Rain or shine, we expect those garage doors to roll up. But sometimes they don’t, and whether it’s due to broken hardware or electrical malfunction, a broken garage door will cost you a pretty penny. Luckily, the garage door experts at G Brothers Garage Doors in Lakewood are here to help. In this blog we’ll examine a few things you can do before you need to call our company to replace your garage door, which could be costly to fix.

Listen To Your Garage

You open your garage door all the time, so you know exactly what it sounds like when it’s operating normally. If you start to hear a sound that isn’t normal, start investigating. Something that’s easily fixable like loose tracks or something in the chain could be causing the noise and wouldn’t require a visit from a garage repair company. If you see shaking or rattling or noises continue after you think you’ve solved the problem, this may be cause for a call for garage repair.

Check The Balance

Like most things in life a good balance is key. Whether you’re balancing junk food vs health food or you’re balancing a mismanaged check book, chances are you’ll need balance in some form during your day. Balance is also key for your garage. The best way to test this is to pull your garage door release cord, which is usually that red cord you tell your kids not to play with. Safely close the garage door, and then pull it open about half way. If it doesn’t stay, then you may need to have your springs checked.

Lube It Up

Most heavy and moving machines require lubrication in order for their parts to function properly and last a long time. It can take up to 10 minutes to make sure your garage is adequately lubricated. Check the chain, springs, overhead screw, or any part on your garage that moves and grinds against other parts to make sure that it has a healthy application of lubricant. Garage door specialists can help you find the right lubricant for your door as well as tell you exactly where to apply it.

Replace Weatherstripping

Just like every other door, garage doors are given strips of weatherstripping to help insulate your home. The easiest way to see if you need new weatherstripping on your garage door is to raise your door up halfway and inspect it. If the rubber weatherstripping is cracked, brittle, or missing, replace it right away. Normally garage door weatherstripping is sold by the foot at any hardware story.

Clear Garage DoorTracks

The tracks are on both sides of the garage door and are what guides the door up and down your garage. If debris like leaves, trash, or cobwebs get in the way or are pulled into the track, the door may see problems in the near future. Clear the tracks of any and all debris to make sure your garage door operates smoothly. The garage door specialists at G Brothers Garage Doors hope this blog has helped you. If you need garage door maintenance in the Lakewood or the Denver area, G Brothers is the garage repair company for you. Learn more about G Brothers, view some of the garage door services we can provide, or contact G Brothers today to answer any questions.
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Top 4 Reasons You Should Never Try to Repair Your Own Garage Door in Denver

Garage doors are like water heaters, in that most people generally don’t give them much thought until something goes wrong.

And when your garage door in Denver suddenly stops working, well, this can have you reaching for the closest bottle of TUMS. Depending on the nature of the problem, you might be considering trying to DIY the repair.

If you’re leaning in that direction, we have three words for you.

Don’t do it.

Below are the top three reasons you should never try to fix a broken garage door yourself.

Projectiles are dangerous

If the garage door on your Denver, CO home isn’t opening or closing due to bad or broken springs, you should never, ever try to replace these on your own.

Extension springs hold an enormous amount of tension, and when they need to be replaced, there are specific, intricate steps that need to be followed—the first of which involves disconnecting the cables (which serve as a backup to the springs).

If the cables are cracked or rusted, they could break (or snap) and, well, pieces could go flying.

Projectiles are dangerous—and you run the risk that you could be hit in the eyes, arms, face or chest.

If you need help with garage door spring replacement, we can help. Call G Brothers Garage Door today at 720-421-6489 to learn more.

You don’t want to make things worse

There is no reason an inexpensive repair should turn into an expensive one. Sure, trying to handle things yourself may seem like a great way to save some money, but it could wind up costing you more in the long run.

When you try to DIY this type of repair, it’s very, very likely that you’ll do more harm than good.

Additional damage means additional repairs—and paying for additional repairs will (you guessed it) cost additional money.

You could fall (and injure yourself)

Tripping and falling onto your carpet is one thing. Falling off a ladder onto a cement garage floor is another.

Recent data from the Home Safety Council indicates that roughly 6,000 deaths from falling occur each year. Don’t put yourself at risk. When it comes to repairing the garage door of your Denver, CO home, you’ll be well served by hiring an expert.

Speaking of falling—beware the falling garage door

Your garage door is the single, heaviest moving component of your home—and it’s not unusual for a garage door to weigh in excess of 100 pounds.

If it comes crashing down, you’re going to have problems.

First, the door could become irreparably damaged. Second, a falling garage door could damage the floor, your car, or anything else it might happen to come in contact with.

Don’t put yourself, your belongings, your family or your pets in harms way.

If the garage door of your Denver, CO home is giving you grief, we can help. Call G Brothers Garage Door today at 720-421-6489 to schedule a free estimate. Call us not to learn why we’re the most trusted garage door repair experts in Colorado.

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Garage Door Designs to Consider for Your Denver, CO Home

If you’re looking to upgrade the exterior of your home, you may be considering installing a new / upgraded garage door system.

Statists show that most homeowners only buy one, maybe two garage doors during the course of their life (unless, of course, they move quite a bit.) Your garage door not only keeps your family (and your belongings) safe, it’s also a statement piece.

First, let’s take a look at the ways in which Denver garage doors are the same.

The standards

Most garage doors in Denver, CO share some similar properties:

  • They open and close from the ceiling
  • They’re sectional
  • They’re generally between 6 and 8 feet tall and they can be as narrow as 4 feet wide (if the garage door was installed on a shed) and they can be as wide as 18 feet, if the garage is meant to accommodate two cars.
  • They’re typically made out of galvanized (rust-resistant) steel, although some are made of PVC, wood or fiberglass.

The parts

Garage door systems in Denver include the following components:

  • Tracks
  • Lifting cables
  • Hinges
  • Rollers
  • Springs
  • Galvanized steel hardware
  • Reinforcement struts
  • A bottom rubber seal
  • Exterior frame weather stripping
  • Weather stripping that’s installed in between door sections

The hardware companions of your Denver, CO garage door may be standard, but that’s not to say your garage door needs to look like everyone else’s.

Your home’s new statement piece

A garage door is the first thing people notice when they look at a home. It’s the primary focal point.

So, when you’re selecting a new garage door, you’ll need to make a few decisions. Do you want it to have color, and if so, does the color match the exterior finish of your home?

(ie: if the siding on your home is yellow, you probably don’t want to install a pink garage door that has orange trim.)

Remember—your garage door is meant to be an accent piece that increases curb appeal and helps differentiate your home from the rest of the homes on the block. You don’t want to install something that makes passersby, house hunters and/or your neighbors, cringe.

Styles galore

Depending on your personality (and the style of your home) you have quite a few options to choose from.

If you’re leaning toward a classic, clean look, a more traditional raised-panel garage door may be what you need.

If you’re home is a bit more modern, you might look into a system that has a slightly more contemporary look.

If you own a mission style or craftsman style home, you might want to consider a carriage-house garage door. Carriage house garage doors are more of a “barn-style” garage door system, and they have a rustic, distinctive look.

Call G Brothers Garage Door Today

If you’re considering installing a new garage door system in your Denver, CO home, call G Brothers Garage Door today at 720-421-6489 to learn why we’re the top-rated garage door specialists in the Denver, Colorado area.

Get your free estimate today!

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Top Signs You Need to Replace Your Garage Door in Denver

You probably don’t give your garage door much thought—until it stops working. If you’ve found yourself in a jam and you’re not quite sure whether you’ll be able to repair your garage door, or if you’ll need to invest in a full-on replacement, below are some of the top signs you need to repair or replace your current system.

  • Delays Delays Delays If the control buttons that operate your garage door seem to be a little sticky (aka, you press, and press, and press but you’re not getting the type of response time that you used to), it may be time to call a professional. A fully functioning garage door system will respond within seconds of you pressing that button. If the opening or closing system is becoming less and less responsive, you could have a problem with one or more components of your system.
  • Your Energy Bills Keep Climbing Yes, it’s true. An outdated garage door system is likely using quite a bit of juice, especially considering you open and close that door several times a day. It sounds a little strange, but replacing an old system with a new, more energy efficient model can save you some money on your electric bill.
  • It’s Noisy as All Heck Garage door systems aren’t always silent, but if yours is creaking up a storm, you may have a problem. At G Brothers Garage Door Company on of our expertly trained technicians can help you diagnose (and fix) the problem
  • Your Teenager Accidentally Backed into It If a family member accidentally backed a vehicle into your garage door, you’ll want to contact a licensed garage door repair company ASAP! If your door has come off the tracks, or if a spring or hinge is broken, you’ll want to have that fixed right away. Not only can this type of damage be unsightly, it also means your home isn’t fully secure. If the damage is really bad, you should hold off on trying to test it yourself. On the other hand, if your garage door only sustained a minor scratch or scuff, you may be OK. For more information on what to do if your garage door has sustained vehicle damage, call G Brothers Garage Door Company today at 720-421-6649.

At G Brothers Garage Door Company, we only work with the most highly-trained technicians because we want our customers to receive the highest level of care and satisfaction. We’re a local, family-owned and operated business and as such, our #1 focus is our customers.

Not only are we committed to getting the job done right, we want our customers to feel as if they’re family. For more information on our full range of garage door repair, garage door replacement and garage door maintenance services call our office now at 720-421-6649 to speak directly with a customer care specialist in Denver.

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Best Garage Door Repair Company in Denver

The idea that you need to replace a garage door in Denver is as stressful as it is annoying. Whey you contact G Brothers Garage Door Company you’ll have the benefit of working with a company whose owners have nearly 20-years of hands-on industry experience.

Our client testimonials speak for themselves:

These guys were great – responded quickly (next day) and fixed the problem. The car was driven in to the garage door accidentally but really trashed the door. We had a fridge in the garage and we have bears in our neighborhood so wanted the garage door replaced asap. We also asked for the garage door replacement to have a top window panel to let in some light. They came next day as agreed and replaced the garage door with one with windows and took away the old one.  Great service and great guys. Very, very, responsive. No surprises.  Perfect.  –Steve W.

Locally Owned and Operated

When you contact G Brothers Garage Door Company you’ll be working with a locally owned and operated company that provides a full-range of garage door repair, maintenance and instillation services. If your current system isn’t working or you’re looking to make an upgrade to the exterior of your home, call our office today at 720-421-6489.

I had some problems with my garage door, it would stick about half way up and then close, so i knew something was going on with my track or springs.  I called Boderick, and he was able to squeeze me in late that same afternoon.  They showed up, fixed my garage door, and it works great.  Prices are very reasonable too.  I’d recommend them to anyone with a garage door problem. – Ken S.

A Step Above the Rest

At G Brothers Garage Door Company, we understand that a damaged or broken garage door can ruin anyone’s day. When you contact our office, we’ll connect you with one of our highly-trained technicians who, in most cases, can provide same-day emergency garage door repair in Denver.

We can help you replace broken weather seals, springs, cables, rollers, sensors and hingers and we can also help adjust your garage door’s tracks, which can help ensure your garage door opens and closes smoothly.

It’s also worth mentioning that we have longstanding relationship with all the Denver garage door manufacturing companies and because of this, we have the know-how and expertise that allows us to work on many garage door configurations, brands and styles.

It also means we can provide a quick turnaround for all of your garage door repair and replacement needs.

If you need help repairing or replacing your garage door today, or you suspect you’ll need help repairing or replacing your Denver garage door in the near future, call G Brothers Garage Door Company today at 720-421-6649 to speak with a customer service agent in your area. We accept many forms of payment including Discover, Visa, American Express and MasterCard.

Call us today to learn why G Brothers Garage Door Company is the #1 choice for Denver garage door repair services.