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Spring Garage Maintenance You Should Be Doing

All machines need proper maintenance at one point or another. Whether it’s a toaster or a rocket ship, eventually, you’ll need to do regular maintenance to make sure that machine functions properly. Your garage door is no exception to that rule. In order to help prolong the life of your garage door, and to help it operate normally, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance in order to ensure that nothing bad happens to it or those who use your garage. In today’s blog, G Brothers Garage Doors, the best garage repair, replacement, and installation company in Lakewood, will go over some spring garage door maintenance you can do now in order to make sure that it’s operating as it should be.

Watch And Learn

First off, before you even break out your tools or your safety goggles, make sure you open and close your garage door a few times in order to find any possible problems that you may not have noticed at first. Listen for any uncharacteristic noises or movements as the door, or doors, open and close. If you hear a grating, squealing, or scraping sound, then it’s definitely time to inspect your garage. Likewise, if your garage is jerking, vibrating, or just generally moving in ways that it normally doesn’t, you’ll want to get to the root of the problem before it escalates.

If you already know you have a problem with your garage door, such as worn out cables or broken springs, then be sure to keep your garage door closed. Opening and closing a broken garage door will cause numerous problems and could lead to significant damage to your garage door, home, or yourself and others.

Clean Those Tracks

The tracks of your garage are some of the most important components of your garage door. Not only do they help your garage door go up and down, but they also keep the entire door in place while it’s opened or closed. If dirt and debris accumulate in or around the bottom of the tracks, your garage could suffer serious damage. If you’re hearing scraping or grinding noises, chances are that some debris is caught in one or both of your garage door tracks. Cleaning off the tracks can get rid of that annoying noise and help prevent serious damage from happening.

Also be sure to check for any rust along your tracks. Rust can lead to serious damage to your garage door, and because your track is often exposed when your garage door is open or the sealant on your garage begins to erode or break away, your tracks can become quite susceptible to the elements. This could all lead to a lot of maintenance and a possibly pricey visit from your local garage door repair company.

Make It Easier To Move

In order to make sure that your garage door opens and closes easily and safely, lubricating all of the joints and moving parts is highly recommended. After you clear out the tracks of any debris, lubricating the rollers will not only get rid of any unwanted noises, but it will also prolong the life of your garage door as a whole. Using lubricant on the hinges of your garage door will also help it to move easier. This is also a great time to inspect the cables and pulleys to make sure they’re both intact, there isn’t any debris clogging them up, and that no rust has formed. While you’re inspecting them, feel free to throw a little lubricant on the pulleys to decrease friction as your garage opens and closes.

More garage door maintenance you can do:

  • Test your garage door’s balance
  • Test auto-reverse features
  • Replace weatherstripping
  • Add a fresh coat of paint
  • Tighten any loose hardware
  • Make sure tracks are level

If you’re looking for expert garage door maintenance in Lakewood and the surrounding areas, then G Brothers Garage Doors is the company for you. We can inspect, repair, replace, and install garage doors of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about G Brothers Garage Doors, see what kind of garage door services we can offer you, or contact G Brothers to get a free quote for your next garage door project today.

How To Tell It’s Time For A New Garage Door
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How To Tell It’s Time For A New Garage Door

Your trusty garage door has been with you since you can remember. Day in and day out, your garage door has protected your home and family since the day it was installed. It’s kept the elements out of your house and off of your vehicles, and it’s even helped you throw some of the most memorable parties you’ve ever had. Unfortunately, there comes a time that you have to replace your garage door with a new one. In today’s blog, G Brothers Garage Doors, the best garage door replacement company in Lakewood, will go over a few signs that might point to the inevitable moment of having to replace your long-time garage door.

The Noise, Noise, Noise

If the Grinch would write a song about how much he hates the sounds your garage makes, it may be time to replace it. Of course, any garage door is going to make noise, no matter what kind of condition it’s in. Motors churn, springs coil, and metal climbs metal at the simple push of a button. However, when your garage door begins sounding like an acapella group composed of feral cats, it may be time to look into replacing it. While the noise may be sudden and loud, a quick fix may be the only thing you need rather than an entire garage replacement. Contact your local garage repair company, like G Brothers, to come take a look at your garage and see what the professionals think.


Over time, your garage may start to not look as good as it used to. It happens to everyone unfortunately, but chances are, it will happen to your garage even faster as it takes a beating day in and day out. From the kids practicing hockey on the driveway to that surprise blizzard that blew into town, your garage gets hit with something new at least once a day. Eventually, your garage may become so dented and worn out that you’ll have no other choice than to replace it. It’s not just for the looks, because a damaged garage door can’t properly do its job. Any holes or cracks in the armor will allow the elements, pests, and nosey neighbors to get into your garage without your permission.

Safety Third

Though they may not look like it, unless you’ve ever installed one, a garage door is actually quite heavy. Without brakes and failsafes, a garage door can actually cause quite a bit of damage to someone or something caught under it. If your garage isn’t stopping when something crosses the sensor, refuses to go down all the way, or closes at an accelerated pace, you should have your garage door properly inspected by a professional. If the damage is bad enough, they may suggest that it’s time for a new door.  
If you’re looking for the best garage door replacement company in Lakewood, then the experts at G Brothers Garage Doors is the company for you. Learn more about G Brothers, see what kind of garage door services we can offer for you, or contact G Brother Garage Doors to answer any questions and get your free quote today.
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Why You Should Hire A Professional To Install Your Garage

There’s always something so satisfying about doing a tough job yourself. Whether it’s the satisfaction of knowing that you did it yourself, or the pride you feel from completing your task, DIY projects always give you that sense of accomplishment. However, some DIY projects should be left to the professionals. In today’s blog, the professional garage door installation company at G Brothers Garage Doors will give you a few reasons why you should let experts install your new garage door. Now this isn’t because we don’t think you can do it, in fact we don’t doubt you for a second, we just think there’s better things you could be doing in that time. So, without further delay, let’s get into the top reasons you should hire a professional garage door installation company to install your garage door.


While it may not sound like a risky job, installing a garage door does come with its fair share of perils. For instance, if you’re installing your garage door, and your materials aren’t properly fastened, your garage door could fall on you while you’re trying to install it. It could also fall off later on down the line, potentially injuring you, your family, or your vehicle. Other components could also fall off of your garage, such as glass or loose equipment, and injure you or others as well. The springs are especially dangerous if you don’t have experience handling them since they’re quite large and under a lot of pressure.

The best way to ensure that every piece of your garage is safely and properly installed is to hire a professional garage door installation company like G Brothers. We have years of experience working with and installing garages of every size and variety. The experts here at G Brothers can safely install, repair, and inspect your garage, giving you complete protection every day of the year.


Like we said above, professional garage door installation companies have the experience to install your new garage door the right way. Every member of the G Brothers team knows what to do to get your garage door installed quickly and correctly. There may be videos and tutorials on the internet that show you how to install your garage door, but unless you’ve worked with garage doors and have experience installing them, the process may be confusing and can leave you with a poorly installed garage door. Nothing can replace the experience of a highly trained garage door technician.

Saving The Warranty

Like most expensive or important things, your garage door will most likely come with a warranty. Your warranty may vary depending on the brand, but for the most part, every garage door warranty will protect you from damages of all kinds. However, this warranty can often become void the second you try and install the garage door yourself. That means if something happens to your garage door, you’ll have to pay out of pocket expenses to either repair or replace it. Having a professional garage door installation company install your garage door may be the only option you have to preserve the warranty on your garage door.

The Right Parts

Ever have a tool or part that just didn’t get the job done? Most of the time it could hurt or severely hinder the potential of whatever greater system it’s working in. The same could happen to your garage door without the sharp eye of a professional garage door installation expert. Not only will the expert garage door installers have the right tools to install every component of your garage door, they’ll know the correct parts to use in your specific garage door to make sure it operates as efficiently as possible. With a professional garage door installation company, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your garage door was installed correctly. We here at G Brothers Garage Doors hope you’ve found this blog to be helpful and insightful. If you have a new garage door that needs to be installed on your home, then the professionals at G Brothers are ready to help you. Learn more about G Brothers Garage Doors in Lakewood, see what kind of garage door services we can offer you, or contact us today to get your free quote.
How To Decorate Your Garage For The Holidays
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How To Decorate Your Garage For The Holidays

The holidays are here, and with them comes snow, warm drinks, and cheer. One of the best ways to spread holiday cheer is to decorate your home for the season. Lights are hung on the roof, trees are properly trimmed, and giant inflatables of snowmen and Santa are sprinkled around everyone’s lawns. But one of the most under-decorated parts of the home may just be the garage, even though it’s a prominent part of the front of the house. In this blog, G Brothers Garage Door, the best garage door maintenance company in Lakewood, CO, will give you a few ideas you can use to decorate your garage for the holiday season. Choose your favorite or a mixture of a few, and make a truly unique design for your home. Keep reading to find out how to decorate your garage for the holidays.

Throw Some Bows

Bows look pretty on just about anything. On presents, in hair, adorning old wooden ships, there’s nothing a good bow can’t make better. But did you know that the same method you use to make presents look spectacular can be used on your garage door as well? You have a few options when it comes to putting a bow on your garage, with both looking great and adding charm to your holiday decoration display.

The first route you can take is to simply buy a giant bow from the store. Though you may not be able to find a bow big enough at your local grocery store, party stores and some super markets often have comically large sized bows you can use to adorn your garage door. If not, you can always ask a car dealership if they have any extra you can use. The second route you can take to decorate your garage is to make one for yourself. Again, a party store may be your best bet, or you can craft one from some wrapping paper you really like. Just be sure to affix the bow in a place that won’t cause it to fall off when you open your garage or if there are strong winds; tie it/stick it on so it won’t be able to .

Trim With Garland

Garland is a perfect accent feature around the holidays. It helps make man-made features look more natural while also adding festive colors to any part of your house. Real garland also adds natural pine scents to your home, which helps make the holidays even more enjoyable. If you’re looking to spruce up (pun intended) your garage door this holiday, using garland may just be the perfect option for you.

First off, decide whether or not you want to use real or fake garland. Both look great, but like we said before, real garland adds the smell of a fresh pine forest to your home. The next step is to acquire enough garland to properly trim your garage. The easiest way to decorate with garland is to trim the edging of your garage. But you can also add garland onto your garage, making patterns or simply outlining the natural crevices of your garage door. You can also add complementary objects to your garland, such as lights, bows, or beads. The only limits are your imagination.

Custom Banner

Banners are great for announcing just about everything. Whether it’s a party, an engagement, or a great seasonal sale, a banner will always look great and get the point across. Nowadays, you can get a holiday-themed banner for your garage door. Most generic ones you can get from the store will say Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings, and may have a picture of a snowman or Santa Claus. A custom garage door banner, on the other hand, will allow you to choose exactly what you want on your holiday banner. You can do a family photo, pick your own holiday pictures, or choose a custom saying that fits your family best. Simply affix your banner to your garage door and get to spreading holiday cheer.

Other garage decorating ideas:

  • Wrap it like a present
  • Add lights
  • Use writing/pictures
  • Make a snowman with crafting materials

We here at G Brothers Garage Doors hope you’ve found this blog to be helpful and fun. If you need garage door maintenance in the Lakewood area, then G Brothers is ready to help you this holiday season. Learn more about G Brothers, see what kind of garage door services we can offer you, or contact us to answer any questions.